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Archiving With AWS Glacier

I recently spent the better part of my holiday “archiving”. In my case this meant first deleting about 80% of the photos I’d taken over the last 8 years and then figuring out a smart way to not lose those remaining “good” photos.

Raspberry Pi Surveillance

I’m always looking for new ways to spy on my dog, Nika. I recently put together a simple Raspberry Pi surveillance system to keep tabs on her while I’m away from home.

Raspberry Pi Bittorrent Server

This was my first Raspberry Pi project. I thought I’d start with something easy and useful. I ended up with a low power, always on, anonymous bittorrent server that also serves as my media center.

Bikes and Code

Wake up at sunrise
Ride through an empty city
Silent as a ghost

It’s energizing to be on the move and accomplishing something while everyone else sleeps. That’s one of my emotional reactions to cycling, but I have others. For example, when I approach the bottom of a climb, I feel defiant, like this hill thinks I suck and I’m slow but I’m going to stomp all over it. F*ck you hill.